The issue of America’s nursing shortage has never been more urgent.

The strains on US healthcare are unprecedented, but the experiences of individual nurses have been largely overlooked. The AAIHR wants to hear from nurses like you. Please share your experiences in your unit and your photos to bring the front lines to ordinary Americans.

Faces of the front lines
Do you believe the coronavirus outbreak has strained staffing in your unit to unsafe levels? *
Do you know any nurse in your unit or hospital that has been exposed, infected, and quarantined after exposure to the coronavirus on the job? *
Do you know any healthcare workers in your hospital who have died after being exposed to coronavirus? *
In light of current demands, do you believe you can still provide adequate care to your COVID-19 patients? *
Have nurse-to-patient ratios risen in your unit as a result of the coronavirus? *
Do you believe your unit and patients would benefit from additional nurses? *
Given current professional challenges, are you happy to be a nurse? *
Are you a foreign-educated nurse? *
In which setting do you treat patients? *
Do you have any prior clinical experience abroad with other infectious diseases that helped prepare you for the coronavirus pandemic? *
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