Why Work with an AAIHR Member?

For US Healthcare Organizations

The recruitment of foreign-trained healthcare professionals requires specific knowledge and capabilities.   Conducting recruitment, screening, training, testing, licensing, credentialing, visa sponsorship, relocation, and resettlement of international healthcare professionals is significantly more complex than performing the same activities for domestic healthcare professionals.  With international healthcare professionals, there are myriad regulatory, financial, operational and ethical issues to manage.

How An AAIHR Recruiting/Staffing Company Can Help:

  • Off-Shore Candidate Sourcing and Screening.
  • Navigating and Funding the Credentialing and Licensure Process
  • Sponsoring the U.S. Visa
  • Funding the Relocation
  • Helping with Resettlement (Initial Housing, Banking, Transportation, SS#)
  • Ensuring Visa Compliance

For Foreign Trained Healthcare Professionals

Navigating the U.S. credentialing process, obtaining a U.S. license, a valid US visa, an offer of employment with a quality U.S. employer, relocating and resettling in America can be a daunting challenge for a foreign-educated healthcare professional.  Understanding the most efficient and cost-effective path is critical. Pursuing the American Dream can be a nightmare if you don’t have the support and proper guidance form a trustworthy recruiter.

There are many benefits to working with an AAIHR member firm.

  • High Ethical Standards.  All AAIHR members must adhere to a written Code of Ethics that clarifies the manner in which each AAIHR member organization may fulfill its responsibilities to client organizations, to source countries, to prospective healthcare professional employees and candidates, and to one another. If you feel that a member company has acted in an unethical manner, you may file a formal complaint with the AAIHR ethics committee. An investigation will take place and, if it is determined that the Code has been violated, sanctions up to and including termination of membership may be involved.  So, when you work with an AAIHR member organizations, you know you will be treated fairly and well.
  • International Recruitment Expertise.  International Recruitment is highly regulated and can be very complex. AAIHR member organizations are among the most experienced and knowledgeable organizations in the industry.  AAIHR members are experts in foreign healthcare professional recruitment, credentialing, and US licensing and immigration.  So, when you work with an AAIHR Member organization, you can rely on their guidance and expertise. 
  • Industry Leadership.  AAIHR members are organizations that have taken the step of affirmatively committing to the industry by participating in their industry association.  They hold themselves to the highest industry standards.  When you work with an AAIHR member organization, you can be sure you are working with one of the industry’s best.