AAIHR Launches National Nurses Survey on Coronavirus Staffing

AAIHR Launches National Nurses Survey on Coronavirus Staffing
James Richardson, 202-408,9160

WASHINGTON—The American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment, the premier advocate for foreign-educated healthcare workers in the United States, on Monday launched a national survey to understand and share the experiences of front line nurses in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

While earlier surveys almost exclusively measured nurses’ views on the availability of personal protective equipment or hospital readiness, the AAIHR’s Face of the Front Lines survey will poll clinicians on the urgency of the country’s nursing shortage and how hospitals and healthcare workers are coping. Specifically, the poll asks nurses if they believe nurse-to-patient ratios in their unit have grown to unsafe levels and if they know other healthcare workers who have become infected on the job.

The AAIHR will release the results of the survey on Monday, April 20, 2020.

“Even well-staffed hospital systems are telling us they’re struggling to treat the huge influx of COVID-19 patients in hot spots across the country,” AAIHR President Shari Costantini, R.N., said. “We want to know what this staffing crunch means for individual nurses—and, crucially, how policymakers might help.”

Nurses can participate in the survey at www.aaihr.org/FRONTLINES.

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