AAIHR Launches Review Board to Strengthen Code of Ethics

AAIHR Launches Review Board to Strengthen Code of Ethics

The American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR) announced the launch of an Independent Review Board (IRB) whose charge is to investigate alleged violations of the AAIHR Code of Ethics. This announcement was made during a speech given to attendees of the PNA Convention by AAIHR Board Member and AAIHR President Shari Costantini.

AAIHR works diligently to maintain high standards of ethical conduct among all the organizations engaged in international healthcare recruitment as well as the foreign-educated healthcare professionals themselves. The AAIHR Code of Ethics clarifies the way each AAIHR member organization may fulfill its responsibilities to patients, the general public, to client organizations, source countries, healthcare professional employees and candidates, and one another.

The newly announced IRB is a key element in ensuring ethical recruitment among all partners. Specifically, the AAIHR Independent Review Board (IRB) will investigate complaints and alleged violations of the AAIHR Code of Ethics and make recommendations to the Ethics Committee for appropriate sanctions regarding any violations.

AAIHR drafted the first Code of Ethics for international healthcare recruitment back in 2006. AAIHR has revised the Code twice since then, include the latest revisions in 2019. “When the AAIHR member organizations drafted our Code of Ethics years ago we immediately began holding ourselves and each other to its high standards of conduct for international healthcare recruitment,” stated Costantini. “Now, with the launch of the Independent Review Board we have moved from self-management to a greater level of objectivity, accountability, and compliance,” continues Ms. Costantini.

The Independent Review Board is comprised of leaders in immigration, nursing, professional practice standards and compliance, and healthcare staffing with a combined 80+ years of leadership experience.

The full AAIHR Code of Ethics, a list of organizations adhering to it, and details on the Independent Review Board are available online at AAIHR Code of Ethics

The American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR) is a Delaware not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization that is the voice of the international healthcare recruitment industry. AAIHR was formed in 2006 to represent the mutual interests of U.S.-based organizations that participate in the recruitment of foreign-educated healthcare professionals, and to promote legal, ethical, socially responsible, and professional practices for international healthcare recruitment.

AAIHR member organizations include US-based recruiting and staffing companies, immigration attorneys, and healthcare organizations that recruit foreign-trained healthcare professionals for US employment.

AAIHR member organizations are committed to a set of ethical and professional practices that ensure the quality and competency of the individuals recruited, and the ethical treatment of those healthcare professionals throughout the recruitment and employment processes.

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